Levima Achieved Great Results in the “Ji Neng Xing Lu” Vocational Skills Competition

The three-day “Ji Neng Xing Lu” provincial vocational skills competition, also called the 8th session of professional skills competition in chemical industry of Shandong province came to an end on 25, September.

Three candidates from Levima Advanced Materials, separately Min Teng, Li Yun and Cai Meng participated in the competition. They are all from the department of chemistry instrumentation facility and respectively won the first, second and third place in the group of instrumentation maintenance, thus getting the “Individual First Prize”. At the same time, they have been awarded the “Group First Prize” because of their highest total team scores among all candidates, making Levima a well-deserved “double champion”. Besides, Mr. Min Teng was granted the “Shandong Province Enriching People Xing Lu Labor Medal” and the “Shandong Province Chemical Industry Chief Technician" certificate.

Winners of the “Individual First Prize” (from left to right): Li Yun (ranked 2nd), Cai Meng (ranked 3rd), Min Teng (ranked 1st)

Levima Advanced Materials was awarded the “Group First Prize”

Min Teng (left) won the “Shandong Province Enriching People Xing Lu Labor Medal” and “Shandong Province Chemical Industry Chief Technician" certificate.


This competition was organized by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong, Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Provincial & League Committee, Provincial Women’s Federation, Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology and was co-organized by the Petrochemical Union of Shandong as well as the Shandong College of Chemical Technicians. 84 teams and 252 candidates in total have participated in the competition. After having overcome all difficulties, Levima Advanced Materials achieved great results, which have significantly boost confidence and morale of all staff just before its complete overhaul in October.


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