[Shandong Two-Sessions Column] Xinhua News Agency Zheng Yueming: Enhance Construction of Innovative System Accelerate the Development of New Materials Industry

Xinhua net, Jinan, February 9, (Journalist Lou Chen, Yan Xiangling), On the Two Sessions of Shandong Provinces underway, Zheng Yueming, a Deputy to the National People's Congress from Shandong Province proposed that the giant industry province Shandong province should enhance construction of innovative systems and accelerate the development of new materials industry. Shandong Province is one of the major industrial provinces; however, the new materials industry still has problems such as incomplete innovative system, low conversion rate of technological achievements; insufficient R&D input and innovative ability; lacking of leading enterprises, weak leading effects and low industrial aggregation.


Mr. Zheng Yueming suggested that Shandong Province should, from supporting of construction of innovative platforms and lab test bases for segmented areas of new materials, establish coordinative innovative systems of new materials; enhance policy supporting strength, and improve independent innovative capability of enterprises; start from increase of industrial aggregation degree of new materials, cultivating leading enterprises and constructing innovative ecological circles centered leading enterprises, so as to improve the development of new materials industry of Shandong Province. Support innovative platforms and lab test base construction of segmented areas of new materials and build coordinative innovative systems of new materials. Shandong Province has laid certain industrial basis in new materials industry; however, they are scattered, coordination is insufficient, technological achievements of new materials are few and the conversion ratio of such achievements are low. It is suggested, in combination with characteristics of the industry, firstly supporting industries with sound industrial and application basis in target-oriented manner. Following the ideas of demand-orientation, strategy guiding and making breakthroughs in key parts, it suggests giving priorities to the development of high-performance, differentiated and functionalized new materials. Support the construction of innovative platforms and lab test bases of segmented areas of new materials; build up inter-industry and cross-domain coordinative and innovative mechanisms. Initiate dedicated guiding and supporting funds for conversion of technological achievements. Establish professional coaching institutions consisting primarily entrepreneurs and industrial experts as main members of major teams. Encourage and support conversion of technological achievements of new materials and improve conversation ratio of the achievements.


Enhance policy supporting strength and independent innovative capability. New materials industry meets high difficulties and risks in development. It is also an industry demanding for talents. In order to mobilize the enterprises and to leverage the dominant roles of enterprises, government needs to provide guidance and support in terms of platform construction, finance & taxation, intellectual property protection, talent cultivation and etc., creating sound innovative ambience.


Increase aggregation degree of new material industry, cultivate leading enterprises and build an innovative eco-circle centering leading enterprises. In view of current status of small-size, scattering and disorder commonly seen in new material zones in Shandong province, Mr. Zheng suggested the government in leading the unified planning, shutting down a batch, transferring a batch, updating a batch and reorganizing a batch of zones. Shut down small and scattered zones and "zombie enterprises"; relocate or update enterprises with promising market prospect, high processing technologies, smaller safety and environmental protection stress, or enterprises which are qualified to conduct technological transform; for enterprises with large number of competing enterprises and unclear competitive advantages, encourage industrial leaders to engage in merger& acquisition through capital operation. Integrate resources, establish new material clusters with respective features, focus on cultivating of leading enterprises, leverage leading roles of leading enterprises, form coordinative and innovative new-eco circles and enhance overall innovative ability and comprehensive competitiveness. New material is one of the seven strategic immerging industries of China and major development portions of "Made in China 2025". It is an important basic and leading industry.


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