Jiang Yikang, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee Inspected Levima Advanced Materials

On January 19, 2017, Jiang Yikang, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee visited and inspected Shandong Tengzhou Chemical Base of Levima Advanced Materials. Li Tongdao, Secretary of Zaozhuang Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Li Feng, Shao Shiguan, Secretary of Tengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Zheng Yueming, Chairman of Levima Advanced Materials accompanied this inspection.


Secretary Jiang heard a detailed report delivered by Mr. Zheng Yueming on information about Levima Advanced Materials, including development history, industrial layout and strategic targets of Levima Advanced Materials and gave sufficient affirmation on the achievements obtained in construction and operation of Levima Advanced materials: " I feel very happy to see these achievements you've made in this project! It is finally landed, rooted, and is now blossoming and fruiting“. "The successful operation of Levima Advanced Materials is a case of innovative cooperation between Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Legend Holdings and local governments, exploring a new pathway for the development of coal chemical industry and promoting transformation and update of industrial structure of Shandong province."


Secretary Jiang required governments of different levels to further integrate resources on the basis of current advantages of zones and provide supports for the development of Levima Advanced Materials and initiate in-depth cooperation by virtue of the talent, science& technology and brand advantages of CAS, creating benchmarking enterprises of new material areas in chemical industry.