Levima Advanced Materials Presented in CCTV News, Speaking for DMTO Technological Accomplishments in China

In the evening of January 8, 2017, CCTV News reported DMTO technological achievements in China. The report was as follows:


In 2016, regulations on promotion of science and technological achievements were promulgated successively, explicitly specifying that the revenue for conversion of science and technological achievements would all be retained by corresponding science and research institutions and the minimum proportion for cash and equity bonus was increased from 20% to 50%. Under the new mechanism, MTO technology winning the first prize of 2014 national technology and invention prize will drive on a fast lane of industrialization. This technology will develop originally excessive productivity into more than 60 upscale material products.


News images were all recorded at the MTO plant of Levima Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. Such plant adopts DMTO technology of which Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS holds independent intellectual properties and olefin separation technology held by Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation.


The news also adopted EVA (ethylene— acetic acid polymer) product packaging line of Levima, on which, bags of EVA were packaged and waiting to be sold across the country. This product is mainly utilized in PV, cable materials, coating materials and other areas. In the past days, 70% of domestic market demand relied on foreign import. However, the dependency on import has declined sharply.


As a high-tech enterprise of chemical new materials, it does not only increase input in innovative capability, but also stresses on conversion of science and technological achievements. Levima Advanced Materials, by taking innovation as its power for development, constructed an olefin intensive processing chain which centers DMTO plant and is oriented by upscale polyolefin materials and alkoxy fine chemicals, realizing industrial commercial operation of the DMTO technology of which the intellectual properties are owned independently by CAS and of the world first olefin separation technology of which the intellectual properties are owned independently by China. Besides, Levima Advanced Materials has also made breakthroughs in high performance PP, EVA special material products and the development of modified engineering plastics. It also successfully develops homopolymerized PP products with high fusion, making this company the largest supplier of upscale food containers in China; upscale EVA products with high VA content has led the sales in Chinese market; it has established domestic leading EOD synthesis and application lab and R&D lab of olefin new materials. It has also reached international degree in terms of daily use chemicals, construction, textile, leather and other areas. Most of its products have become substitutes of imported counterparts and company has become one of the main suppliers of domestic EOD products.


Right now, Levima Advanced Materials is preparing to establish a "China Technological Innovation and Industrialization Alliance of Chemical New Materials" jointly with CAS Holdings, to set up a conversion platform of technological achievements of chemical new materials, propelling rising of conversion ratio of science and technological achievements and contributing to the transform and update of industry.


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