Bai Chunli, President of CAS and Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of the Board of Legend Holdings Visited Levima Advanced Materials

On December 29, Bai Chunli, President of CAS and Secretary of Leading Party Group leads a team to visit Shandong Tengzhou to inspect the core enterprise of the chemical new material sector of Legend Holdings--Levima Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., Zhang Yaping, Vice-president and member of leading party group, Deng Maicun, Secretary-General and directors of relevant departments and research institutes accompanied the inspection. Zhai Luning, Vice-chairman of Shandong Political Consultative Conference, Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of the Board of Legend Holdings, and relevant directors of Shandong Province, Zaozhuang, Tengzhou, CAS Holdings, Legend Holdings, and Levima Advanced Materials recepted Bai Chunli and the team.


President Bai Chunli visited center control room of Levima New Materials and heard the report on the overall operation of the production plants.


Then, they visite the field, understanding parameters and operation conditions  of plants including DMTO, EVA, PP, EO and EOD, and inquired information on technologies, market, sales, industrial configuration and other conditiosn to relevant responsible persons.


After the field investgation was completed, President Bai Chunli heard the report. Wu Lebin, Chairman of the Board of CAS Holdings presided over the report meeting. Chairman of the Board, Liu Chuanzhi, and Mayor of Zaozhuang, Li Feng, extended their warm welcome to the delegation respectively on behalf of Legend Holdings and Zaozhuang Municipality. Mr. Zheng Yueming, Chairman of Levima Advanced Materials, and Mr. Suo Jishuan, General Manager delivered reports respectively on the operation conditoin and strategic planning of Levima Advanced Materials, and chemical material industrial layout and work plan of CAS Holdings.


President Liu Chuanzhi firstly introduced business sectors, investment fields and overall operating conditions of Legend Holdings. He stated that the reasons for Legend to choose chemical new material area are: firstly, the developing space for new materials is huge; secondly, they have confidence in the DMTO technology independently and innovatively developed by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS; and the last but the most important element is that we find the right person. "Things priority and people important“. If we really want to have things done, the key is whether our men can withstand and whether they can do things. Meanwhile, Mr. Liu highly affirmed the achivements made by Levima Advanced Materials.


Mr. Zheng Yueming addressed the guests by a report about the construction progress, site selection, industry deployment, operation conditions, R&D and sales and development strategies. According to Mr.Zheng's report, after five years of development, Levima Advanced Materials has realized Strategy 1.0 targets (2010-2015), successfully completed project construction; start-up of productive devices succeed smoothly and the devices now efficiently operates, successfully establishing an industrial platform with comprehensive competitiveness. As for the reason Levima acquired stage success, brand and resource support provided by Legend Holdings and mechanism and culture of Legend all exerted important roles. In 2016, Levima Advanced Materials started  strategy 2.0 (2016-2020). It planned to adopt dual driving method of "industrial operation + investment", so as to realize stable increase of performance. It also planned to be listed as an A-share stock in 2019-2020, which will make it a new material listing company worthy of tens of billions yuan. He stated that Levima had good industrial base, operating capability and management mechanism. CAS chemical institutes posses extraordinary innovative capability and technological results, which are complementary to each other if they are combined in proper way.


Mr. Suo Jishuan stated that, as a primary assistant shouldering the mission of accelerating the conversion of CAS science and technological results, CAS proactively undertake relevant responsibilities and tasks and through measures such as enhancing of strategy leading, completing industrial layout and transform of governannce mode, pushing forward in-depth interlinking of "industrial chain, innovative chain and capital chain" and making chemical new materials industry and relevant key areas stronger, better and larger.


In the link of interactive communication, CAS institutes and enterprise leaders also provide their ideas about this inspection and work in future. All leaders and experts all highly recognized and appraised the achivements made by Levima Advanced Materials in a short time.


Lastly, President Bai Chunli pointed out in his speech that the reason for Levima Advanced Materials to make such good achivements originates from the precision deployment, outstanding HR resources from the groups and efficient management level, and also from the stress and powerful support provided from Shandong Province, Zaozhuang and Tengzhou government. New material industry has very important status in the national development strategies and CAS has very strong R&D power in chemical engineering and new materials.


President Bai Chunli required enterprises of CAS Holdings and CAS system to take the market as the orientation, convert science and technological results of the whole CAS into practical productivity, so as to create high-quality scaling and industrilization platform, realizing extension of value chains. He hoped that Levimad Advanced Materials might acquire larger development during the "13th Five Year Plan" period, becoming an industrial benchmark and paradigm for innovative drived development and conversion of scientific results.


On the meeting, leaders from Zaozhuang and Tengzhou stated that they will root for further development of Levima Advanced Materials, creating sound environment for the implementation and construction of CAS Chemical New Materials Industrilization Base and providing powerful safeguard.


Qiao Lujun, Director of the General Office of CAS, Yan Qing, Director General and Chen Wenkai, Deputy Director General oif of Bureau of Science & Technology for Development, CAS, Han Enhou, President and Ma Yuehong, Vice-President of Shenyang Branch, CAS, An Lijia, Academician of CAS and President of Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS, Cui Ping, President of Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, CAS, Ding Kuiling, Academician of CAS and President of Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Liu Zhongmin, Academician of CAS and Vice-President of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Hu Meilong, Chairman of the Board of Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, Xiong Chengdong, Chairman of the Board of Chengdu Organic Chemicals, Ning Min, Senior Vice-President of Legend Holdings and Yu Shuliang, Deputy Director of Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province, Li Tongdao, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Zaozhuang, Shao Shiguan, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Tengzhou, Liu Wenqiang, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Major accompanied this inspection.