44 Kid Painters Attended the Awarding Ceremony of "Levima Cup" Shandong Province Child Environmental Painting Contest

On December 3, the awarding ceremony of "Colorful Mind Green Future" Levima Cup Child Environmental Protection Painting Contest was held in Jinan. 44 small painters had a joyful and meaningful afternoon with flowers, applause and foods.


This Contest was jointly hosted by Shandong News &Artists Association, Shandong Internet Media Group and Levima Advanced Materials. Since its commencement of August 30, this contest drew attention from various ranks of the society. After three rounds, including enrollment, experts review and network vote, works of 44 small painters stood out. Ye Zhaoxin, Chairman and Yi Xiubo, Vice-Presidentof Shandong News&Artists Association, Jiang Changyong, Vice-General Manager of of Shandong Internet Media Group, Li Deqiang, Vice-President of Levima Group, Zhang Rui, General Manager of the Brand & Public Relations Department of Levima Group, Wu Yifei, Director of Operation Center of, Zhang Feng, Editorial Board Member of and jounalists from 20 Jinan, Zaozhuang and Tengzhou media attended this ceremony, witnessing this commemorable moment with these 44 winners.


15:00, the awarding ceremony started on schedule. Vice-President Li Deqiang of Levima Group delivered a splendid speech:" When I saw these vivid paintings, I felt stunned at the inexhaustible imagination of our children and amazed at their serious thinking by their mind about environment problems. More importantly, these paintings trigger some reflections of us adults about the environment and interaction between us and the environment. As a hi-tech enterprise in chemical engineering industry, we always actively advocate the concept of sustainable social responsibility.  Through innovation in production technologies, industrial layout, management mode, we realized green and environment-friendly and effcient and quality products and services. However, this is just s start, the road for us is still long. We feel deeply about the huge responsibility. We hope that from today, all our parents and children, start from us. We start feeling grateful to others, restrain ourselves, do our best and cherish things. Protect our environment and let the blue sky accompany our growth and make sure that our land will not be polluted.


Vice-General Manager of Shandong Internet Media Group, Jiang Changyong also delivered a speech on the ceremony:"For this time of child environment painting contest from August 30 to today, I want to say thank you to the attentions and support provided by the society. As a responsible media, Shandong Internet Media Group will continue focusing on environmental problem, and appeal the society to protection our beautiful family we live in! At here, I want to congratulate the 44 small winning painters. I hope that you can grow up healthily and keep your beautiful purity."


Vice-Chairman of Shandong News& Artists Association, Yin Xiubo provided a professional conclusion of this contest:" During  the whole review process, I deeply felt the colorful imagination of our childre. They dare to use colors to express and most of their works closely follow the theme of "environment protection". By methods including warning and image comparison, they reveal the importance of environment protection. Works concerning prevention and control of air pulltion and waste water processing show the imagination of our children. This contest will enlighten our kids in environmental protection, letting them to further realize the importance of environment protection during the process of completing the creation. Protecting environment, we all have a share of responsiblity. I hope that our winners may take this contest as a new start, stiding forward higher targets in creation and improving their environmental protection awareness!


Meanwhile, Vice-Chairman of Shandong Artists Association Yin Xiubo has also appraised the wining works and provide professional guidance and suggestions; A teacher from Qicaiyu Child Art, Zhang Han took up the brush, tutoring children in painting. "Painting is a way for children to observe and create. No matter it is observed in life or imagined in mind, they can all be expressed by paintbrushes. I hope our children may enjoy painting and express their imagination and creation better!"


On the ceremony, the leaders confered honorable certificate and prizes on the 44 children.


The hosts also prepared wonderful performance and delicatious desserts and snacks for the painters. All the painters felt that they really enjoyed the ceremony.


The host also mount the excellent paintings for exhibition. Looking at various wonderful ideas of these children and their thoughts on environment problems, the parents also say that they want to thank the host for organizing this activity! Children are most true part of this world. We should pay more attention to environment protection, leaving our chidlren a blue sky with white cloud!