Chairman of the Board of Levima Group, Mr. Zheng Yueming was honored as "2016 China Trendsetter"

On November 25, 2016, the awarding ceremony of "2016 China Trendsetter" was convened on the bank of the beaultiful Qiantang River in Haining, Zhejiang. As a leader in the chemical new materials areas, Chairman of the Board of Levima Group, Mr. Zheng Yueming was elected as one of the "2016 China Trendsetters" and was invited to address the ceremony. Choosing high-tech manufacturing enriched the connotation of thie evaluation. It was a recognition and support on transform and update of Chinese manufacturing industry by experts, media and netizens.


Established in 2010, under the leading of Mr. Zheng Yueming in the past 6 years, Levima grew out from nothing. In consideration of the fact that China has low independent supply ratio of high-end chemical mateials and relies on import, Levima constructed a chemical new materials industrial park taking excessive methanol in China as raw materials and new macromolecule polymeric material and fine chemicals as product direction.Located in the he park covers about 2000 mu and the operating efficiency and quality reach the advanced level of international counterparts. After several years of fast development, Levima has constructed a innovative system of high-end difference in multiple segmenting areas of chemical new materials, providing reference models for supply-side reform, industrial update of traditional industries and "Made in China" Innovative driving.


In view of  the fact that scientific and research achievements of chemical new materials area in China lacks of successful cases of industrialized conversion and application because of lacking of innovative and operationg ability, Levima is coworking with CAS in initiating a "Technological Innovation and Industralization Alliance for Chemical New Materials of CAS" . This alliance will take market demands as the orientation, push forward the combination between innovative ability of China chemical new materials area and indsutrial basis and operating abiliteis of enterprises through creating several innovative and industrial conversion platforms, realizing three-chain (innovative chain, industrial chain and capital chain) interlinking and fusion, and propeling effective conversion of scientific achivements.


Mr. Zheng Yueming stated in his speech at the ceremony that:" Currently, a new round of scientific revolution and industrial transformation is in breeding. Almost all industries will face transformation, even overturn! Internet, big data, cloud calculation, and Internet of Things are changing the industrial ecology. All these propose new challenges to the manufacturing industry while bring new opportunities. We feel confident about the manufacturing industry in China! Levima will actively embrace revolution. It will endeavour with its peers, pushing the high-end and differentiated development of China chemical new materials industry through constant innovation, contributing power to update of traditional industry and realization of "Made in China 2025!"


This evaluation is hosted by Sina and Sina Weibo and organized by Sina Finance, Sina Technology, Sina Start-up and Sina Zhejiang. China Europe International Business School was the academic support. The evaluation has been hosted successfully by three sessions. This evaluation started from five dimensions "subversiveness, uniqueness, growth, promotion and innovation". After preliminary nomination and self-recommendation by judges and media, and 100 enterprenuers are longlisted by experts. Then a internet pubic voting with a length of one month was orgnanized on public voting platform.Finally, a strong jury consisting of economists, enterprenuers, academic institutions and mainstream media casted the eyesight to the most excellent and remarkable new market trendsetters in 2016 and elected 10 from the 100 enterprenuers making active contribution as the "2016 China Trendsetters", in search of trends leading China economic development and promoting update of China industry and innovative of industries. Every candidate shortlisted should have representative in his/her industry and has future competitiveness; Among the 30 trendsetters elected in the past three sessions, nearly 20 made their companies listed successfully. They become economic pioneers and leaders of the era in China.

Chinese trendsetters may be discoverers of innovative commercial modes, propeling update of social efficient by virtue of the power of platforms; they may be explorers of forefront technologies, waking up a new generation of technologies.  They witnessed the dvelopment trend of Chinese economic trend. Leaders nominated also included IFLYTEK, Yixia Technology, Benlai, and NIU.