Levima Among Top 100 Shandong Chemical Engineering and Top 10 Chemical New Materials Enterprises

On October 27, "2016 (5th session) China Chemical Industry-Academy-Research Summit Forum" was convened in the Spring City, Jinan. On the meeting, China Chemical Intelligence & Information Association, Shandong Chemical Engineering Information Center released Top 100 Shandong Chemical Engineering enterprises and Top 10 industry-specific enterprises. Levima Advanced Materials Co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Levima Advanced Materials") was honored "2016 Shandong Province Top 100 Petrolem and Chemistry Enterprises" and "2016 Shandong Top 10 Chemical New Materials Enterprises".


Since established and operated in November 2014, Levima New Materials has always been abiding by the operating philosophy of "pragmatic and enterprising, innovative and focusing, share and win-win",fully leveraging the professional advantgaes of fine operation, innovative R&D and efficient service". All process units operate in full load and all products realized full-load-production and full sales. Major technical and ecobomic indicators reach or are better than design criteria, possesing leading positions within the industry. Product quality and technical servie won unanimous praise from clients, realizing sharp increase in revenue and efficiency in the first year after putting into production in an adverse environment.


In recent years, Levima New Materials constantly innovate processing technologies and products, explore markets and thus made breakthroughs constantly in a differentiated and upscale development pathway: it successfully developed homopolymerized PP products with high fusion M600N, hitting a new record in single make sales in thin-film injection molding special materials, possesing firmly the place of largest supplier of domestic pp thin-film injection molding special materials; the productivity of its upscale EVA products with high VA contents wins the first place in China; EOD products achieves international level in daily use chemicals, textile, leather, metal cutting and etc, becoming one of the main suppliers for domestic EOD products.


As introduced by the host, the development of petrochemical industry of Shandong Province, the first giant province in petroleum and chemical industries in China, impacts the development trend of Chinese petrochemical industry to certain extent. The Top 100 enterprises elected is the main force and lead goat of the petrochemical industry of Shandong Province, representing the strength and advancement of Shandong petrochemical industry.