Levima Technology was selected into "Development and Growth Group" enterprises in Shandong Province

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry in Shandong Province and cultivate a group of domestic-leading and world-class enterprises, Shandong government recently issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting “Development & Growth Group” and “Transformation & Upgrading Group” of Chemical Production Enterprises" and Levima Technology was selected into "Development and Growth Group" enterprises. 

The list is a batch of enterprises with large-scale, high tax contributions, good product development prospects, and potential for accelerating development and growth, selected by Shandong Chemical Special Office in view of safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and quality level as well as advanced technology of equipment.

According to the "Opinions", Shandong government will promote advantageous companies to actively implement mergers & reorganizations, capacity replacements, equity transactions and strategic cooperation, accelerate horizontal integration in the same industry & vertical extension of the industry chain and cross-field collaboration, to further increase market share, industry influence and anti-risk ability of enterprises. Key enterprise projects should be included into high-end chemical project library, new and old kinetic energy conversion project library and optimization project library, and high-end chemical industry fund project library to strengthen the guarantee of funds, land, energy consumption, and total pollutant emissions and promote enterprises stronger and bigger.

It is reported that from January to October this year, chemical companies above designated size in Shandong Province achieved 1.52 trillion yuan in revenue from their main operations, continuing to rank first in the country and showing strong resilience and great potential.