Public Network丨 Adhering to Innovation-driven and High-quality Development, Levima Advanced Materials Won Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Province

       Public Network Haibao News, August 29 (Reporter Yan Cong, Intern Correspondent Qin Jianling) On August 28, the Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Province Award and Recognition Conference jointly organized by Shandong Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department and Provincial Industrial Information Department was held in Jinan Shandong Mansion. Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor, made a concluding speech. As a high-tech enterprise in the field of advanced materials, Levima Advanced Materials Corporation was rated as Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Province for its achievements in the transformation form old kinetic energy to new and its high-quality development.


        In a few short years, Levima Advanced Materials has seized the opportunity of strategic development, promoted the two-wheel development mode through innovation-driven and operation promotion, and opened up a road of innovative development. In the field of advanced polymer materials and special chemicals, Levima has mastered many core technologies and core production processes, replacing some high-end materials that were originally imported.  Jointly with relevant research institutes of  Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Advanced Materials Technology Innovation and Industrialization Alliance of Chinese Academy of Sciences has been established to accelerate the industrialization of scientific research achievements as soon as possible. Of the three advanced materials projects implemented in 2019, two are included in the transformation from old kinetic energy to new projects in Shandong Province.


        According to introduction, the special high-melting homopolymerized polypropylene material independently developed by Levima Advanced Materials has been successfully applied to packaging materials in the fast moving consumer goods market, and served as the main raw material for transparent disposable meal boxes and milk tea cups, occupying the mainstream position in the domestic market; In the field of solar photovoltaic adhesive film materials, the successfully developed FL02528 product has broken the situation that the domestic market is highly dependent on imports; In the field of cable special materials, EVA products with high VA content have a leading market share in China. In the field of construction, independently developed viscosity-reducing and early strength water reducing agents have been successfully applied to special construction fields such as ultra-high buildings, bridges, subway segments and the like, reaching the international advanced level; In the field of daily chemicals and textiles, Levima Advanced Materials has become the mainstream supplier of special nonionic surfactants in China, with excellent customized development and service capabilities; In the fields of metal processing, pesticides and coatings, Levima Advanced Materials has successfully developed products that can replace imported special polyether, green and environment-friendly pesticide emulsifier, suspending agent and water-based coating emulsifier, etc. The product quality ranks among the international advanced ranks.


       It is reported that 91 enterprises were selected as Excellent Enterprises of Shandong Province. State-owned enterprises accounted for 15%, large private enterprises (including overseas Chinese from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and foreign-invested enterprises) accounted for 49.4%, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 19.7%, cultural enterprises accounted for 7.4%, central enterprises in Shandong accounted for 3.2%, and financial enterprises accounted for 5.3%.


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