Chairman of Levima Advanced Materials Mr. Zheng Yueming Elected Deputy to the 13th NPC

On January 31, 2018, Chairman & CEO of Levima Advanced Materials, Mr. Zheng Yueming was elected deputy to the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) at the first session of the 13th Regional People's Congress of Shandong Province.


As a typical enterprise of industrial transformation and upgrading as well as an example of old and new kinetic energy conversion, Levima Advanced Materials constantly pursues its product differentiation and premium strategy. By continuously innovates its products, Levima has always been maintaining an excellent level in every area of its operations and has built a relatively strong brand among industry since its operation start in 2015.


According to Mr. Zheng Yueming, the election victory demonstrated recognition and trust of local authorities to Levima, and he expressed his gratitude to Legend Holdings as well as CASH (Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd.) for their continual trust and support.


In May 2017, with a strategic investment of 850 million Yuan, CASH has become a significant shareholder of Levima Advanced Materials. In January 2018, “CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Advanced Chemical Materials Alliance for Technology Innovation and Industrialization” was officially established and Levima was selected as director of its board. By cooperating with other research institutes and enterprises board members, fully integrating the innovation capability of CAS with Levima’s operating, industrialization, marketing and sales capability, the Alliance will help to accelerate the innovation development and industrialization process of advanced materials industry in China. After the establishment of Alliance, CASH will start a technology transformation enterprise in Tengzhou. Jointly with Zaozhuang municipal government and Tengzhou government, it will create an industrial fund to support the development of Alliance. With the operation mode of “Alliance + Platform + Fund” and by integrating “innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain” of all board members, the Alliance will consequently make contribution to improving the influence of China in the field of advanced materials.