Essence is concentrated--Special Surfactant of Levima Advanced Materials Was Successfully Applied in hyperconcentrated Laundry Detergent

Recently, functional special surfactant launched by Levima Advanced Materials were successfully applied in hyperconcentrated laundry detergent and anhydrous laundry detergent, making Levima Advanced Materials one of the first domestic enteprises to apply special surfactant in hyperconcentrated laundry detergent .


Compared with non-ion surfactant, this active agent features HIF/HIT/HIC series of products with better humidity penetration characteristics and detergency, which makes them effectively reduce waste generated because of large amount of use of detergents, lowering environmental contamination brought by chemicals in the detergent formula. Among the products, the star product HIF400, with characteristics llike low foam, quick defoaming, quick dissolving, and not easily stagnated under low temperature, greatly improve defects of non-ion surfactants such as easily stagnated, easily gelling because of formula and hard in dissolving during the process of production. The start product also improved production efficient, reduced energy consumption and is more applicable for various hyperconcentrated laundry detergent and condenced beam detergents.


It is known that as the life quality constantly escalates, demands for green and environment-friendly features of detergents increased gradually. Hyperconcentrated detergents are recepted by consumers because of low amount of usage and the green and the environment-friendly feature. The successful launching and application of special surfactants of Levima Advanced Materials just follows the consumption trend and leads the reform in consumption habit in detergent areas.